Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Lonely kitty

(I' m going to try and watch my vo cab u lary today.)

So I watched mommy take some yummies and waters outside.

She was out there for a very longs time.

When she cames back in she smelled of some other kitty.

She said that it was the neighborhood cat and that he was very hungry.

Mommy is going to try and take a picture of him she said.

He is a very friendly calico that the downstairs neighbor calls "Fatty".

Mommy thinks he belongs to somebody because he is always well groomed.

She also thinks he may just be comings over for a snack all the time.

I watched her from my fresh air seat and that kitty seems to really likes mommy.

He and I have something in common - we both LOVES mommy bean!


Daisy said...

Poor Fatty, just wants some friends. Your mom is nice to feed him. I would like to see his picture!

Scout said...

yur mommy is nice to feed fatty catty. i does not like other cats on my deck or in my yard. if they are thare, i chase, chase, chase them away. i like bing an onlee kitty.