Sunday, July 1, 2007

Puuuuuuurfect day

Todays has been great.

Mommy has opened my fresh airs seats and I'm very happy.

As soon as she opened them I found my favorite spot right in the suns.

The fresh airs blowing on me made me relax and falls to sleeps.

She was gones yesterday for a very longs time and I couldnt wait for hers to get home.

As soons as I heard her come in and calls my name I let out a big MEOW for her.

That gots her attention and she finally fed me my yummies.

Today she tries to brush me buts I wasnt going to have any of thats.

I let a HUGE meow NO mommies I do not wants a brushing.

And I jumps aways from hers with a swish of my tail. HA!

She showed me something that she picked up for mes yesterday.

She said it looks like me. But I dunnos ...

Then she gots me a new scratchy pad but I dont thinks I's likes it much.

I wish she hads not thrown my other ones out.


Daisy said...

Fresh air blowing on the furs feels very nice!

Scout said...

fresh air tikkles mah whiskers and i like it bunches!!

i bite the brushy when i had nuff and then mommy nose to stop.